Where Leading Mobile Startups go for Growth.

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  • Momentum is the first mobile-first accelerator and fund that has a practical hands-on approach and deep specialized expertise in mobile.
  • We deliver inked customer contracts, actionable product and marketing feedback, and direct investment to help our companies grow.

Why Momentum?

We partner with founders and their teams to ensure success. Consider the workshops, mentors, and team as an extension to you and your team as you focus on your core business and grow!

  • Customers and Partnerships

    The Momentum team is connected to most of the OEMs, Carriers, Publishers, Brands, and Agencies looking for mobile innovation. Past companies gained insightful feedback, signed pilots, partnerships, and long-term advisors from this network. We were able to drive 5+ Million and counting in signed deals for our past 14 companies.

  • Funding

    We offer a direct investment of $20,000 into each company that we accept and invest selectively up to $200k in the next round of funding for each startup. We also work with our companies to get the next round of funding (intros, strategy, etc). Our 14 previous companies have raised $18+ Million in funding to date.

  • Enrichment

    The Momentum program consists of weekly pitch practice with the team and mentors, incredible workshops taught by industry leaders, and constant feedback on the business model, product, tech, hiring plan, and value proposition.

  • Mentorship

    Our mentors are not just faces on our site. We ensure one-on-one time, advice, and introductions.

  • Exposure

    Thought leadership development and exposure was key to the success of our past companies. We placed our portfolio companies in top-tier mobile-related conferences around the world and in front of our network of journalists and analysts.

  • Office Space and Perks

    One desk space is offered to each company along with Free Amazon Web Services, Highly Discounted Finance and Accounting Services, and $300k in other discounted services.

  • Equity

    For all this, Momentum takes 4% of common stock equity plus a $5,000 fee that is payable at the beginning of the program.

We were featured in Forbes to speak about our rapid success as a business with the world’s most prominent brands. I attribute a lot of it to the team at Momentum and their network. During the program and as alumni, Momentum has been a driving sales force amongst top CPG brands and leading agencies in addition to being an introduction machine for investors and talent. With the results given, my co-founder and I can not thank them enough.

Alex Gold Co-Founder, Buzzstarter

We knew Ryan and Mario for a few years before we joined Momentum. It’s incredible what they and the mentor team were able to accomplish for us in such a short amount of time. During the program, we closed large publisher partnerships, opened potential partnerships with large Fortune 500s and closed our A Round for $5.2 Million led by True Ventures, Anthem, and Crosslink Capital.

Ben Wolstenholme Co-founder and CEO, Madefire

The Momentum team and network is extremely impressive and has helped us immensely since we first met. Mario and Ryan now sit on our advisory board. When we came into the Momentum program we were a bootstrapped company with five employees. Five months later we are now 15 'chefs' strong and raised a 3M seed round from the likes of Google Ventures, NEA, and other notable investors.

Santiago Merea Founder and CEO, The Orange Chef

Mario and Ryan have been instrumental in Fiverun’s success. During the program, we have closed major angels from the network for investment, closed two major pilots that have grown into global roll-outs, and are now looking at further fundraising offers.

Fabian Oliva Founder and CEO, Fiverun


  • How Does Momentum Work?

    • Momentum consists of two programs per year which we call a “batch”
    • The Program is three months long and held in San Francisco, CA.
    • Momentum is designed specifically for the founders, but whole teams are welcome to join certain events based on space
    • Eight to Twelve companies are accepted for each program. Acceptances are sent at a minimum one month prior to the start of the program.
    • A founder must be present for a majority of the program to participate.
    • Housing is not provided, estimated at $2000 USD/month/person
    • Visas may be required, and we will provide you with a visa support letter. We also have an immigration attorney you can speak to if need be.
  • What does the ideal Momentum team need to have?

    • Mobile Focused/Mobile First
    • Live Product and ready to sell (Beta/Pilots are Ok)
    • User traction and/or major pilot customer(s) (case study preferred)
    • Angel Funding or Revenue Generating
  • When is your next program and how do I apply?

    We have two batches graduate a year. Apply anytime. If you're accepted, you start in the next batch, and if not then you can still be considered for a future batch. Apply here. http://www.f6s.com/momentum accelerator

  • How many people should be on the team?

    2 to 3 founders is ideal. However, we will consider teams with up to 5 or 6 founders. We will not consider single founders. If you’re currently a single founder, go out and find some co-founders with complementary skill sets before applying.

  • What backgrounds do you look for in a team?

    We prefer teams that are more technically oriented. Ideally, you will have at least 1 strong developer + 1 business person. Other good expertise to have within your team are UI/UX, design, product management, digital marketing, etc. Teams consisting of all business people will not be considered.

  • Can we apply with just an idea or should we already have a product built?

    We are growth focused so you should have a baked product and traction, so we can connect you with opportunities that can be initiated immediately.

  • Can anyone apply?

    Yes. Momentum is open to entrepreneurs from anywhere. Your country of citizenship doesn’t matter. You country of residence doesn’t matter. Your gender doesn’t matter. All that matters is the quality of your team and the business opportunity you are pursuing. We do provide letters of support for visas and logistical support in finding a residence in San Francisco.

  • Does Momentum Cover Housing?

    Momentum does not personally cover the cost of housing or transportation for the program; however we will have a person that can help you find housing and try to make the move as painless as possible.

  • What is the fee for joining the program and is it negotiable?

    Momentum takes up to 4% of common stock equity plus a flat $5,000 fee that is payable at the beginning of the program. This is negotiable depending on the stage of the startup, and the terms must be negotiated before the program starts.

  • What are the terms on the $20,000 investment and is it rolled into the equity startups give up to Momentum?

    First, the investment is not rolled into the equity and it has completely different terms. The Momentum Syndicate Fund offers the following standard terms on the $20,000 investment

    • The investment instrument is a convertible note.
    • Valuation is Capped initially at $2.5 million or at a 20% discount to the next round (the lesser of the two). If there was a recent financing by investors at a higher valuation than the cap is open for discussion.
    • The investment is given 100% Warrant Coverage which gives the fund a dollar for dollar amount of shares which is held at the same valuation that the note has.
  • What happens to alumni companies?

    Our alumni companies are treated like a portfolio company in a venture fund. They get the following benefits:

    • Invites to any of the social events consisting of mixers, dinners, and the Demo Day for each class
    • Access to all the mentors and office hours
    • Partners doors are always open to alumni companies

The core team has 50+ years of experience within and around the mobile industry, community, startup ecosystem, and investment arena. Each managing partner will be the lead for 2-4 startups during the program in order to drive connections to the Momentum community, keep up to date on progress, and provide strategic advice when asked.

  • Mario Tapia

    Managing Partner

    Getjar, AT&T, Yahoo Mobile, Disney, Danger

  • Ryan Bloomer

    Managing Partner

    Blumberg Capital, Yushan Ventures, 1-Page, and Jumptap

  • Todd Parker

    Managing Partner

    Band of Angels Mobile Lead, Exit at HR ONE, Verizon, Vodafone, Arthur D. Little

  • Mike Rowehl


    5 Profitable Exits, AdMob, Chomp, Skyfire, Ning, Metarsolver

Our partners believe in our mission to make entrepreneurs’ dreams a reality and support us and each founder in the process of doing so. Weather this is in the form of discounted services, exposure, or access to conferences and events, the Momentum partners are here for the companies.

Momentum was born out of Mobile Monday, the largest mobile entrepreneur community in the world. It operates in over 140 cities in over 50 countries with a reach of 500,000+ mobile professionals including developers, founders, VCs and press. We have partnered with the following chapters and their leaders to build our global ambassador network. They provide referrals and due dilligence for Momentum and provide market advice and soft landing for any portfolio companies entering their markets.

  • Ben Bickford


  • Enrique Ortiz


  • Norbert Sagnard


  • Matt Gross


  • David Harper

    New York

  • Ofir Leitner

    Tel Aviv

  • Sefan Rust

    Hong Kong

  • Zac Jacobs


  • Martin Restrepo

    Sao Paulo

  • Jo Rabin


  • Mark Waechter


  • Lars Cosh-Ishii


  • Sheena Chandok


  • Ed Pimentel


  • Eli Calderon-Morin

    Los Angeles

  • Michael Novikov

    St. Petersburg

  • Adam Grenier

    Director of Mobile Marketing, Uber

  • Alex Green

    General Manager, Playmob

  • Alex Linde

    SVP of Monetization, Weather Company

  • Anamitra Banerji

    Partner, Foundation Capital

  • Aaron Avery

    Business Development Consultant

  • Andrew Romans

    Managing Director, Georgetown Angels

  • Anne Frisbie

    GM North America, Inmobi

  • Beth Rogozinski

    Founder, Match Factor

  • Charles Wu

    Mobile Program Manager, Twitter

  • Chris Dury

    Director, Amazon Games

  • Curtis Sasaki

    SVP Innovation, Samsung

  • Carlo Cardilli

    SVP, Truaxis (Mastercard)

  • Dale Larson

    Founder, Startup Happiness

  • Dan Dzuban

    Director Innovation, Sony Mobile

  • Dev Gandhi

    Founder, Nexage

  • Diana Vincent-Galvan

    PR Consultant

  • Fergus Hurley

    Strategic Technology Group, Google

  • Frank Barbieri

    SVP Corp Development, YuMe

  • Greg Ovalle

    Founder, Gaming Stealth

  • Greg Prosl

    GM North America, Rightster

  • Hansmeet Sethi

    Founder & CEO, OnSkreen

  • Isaac Babbs

    CEO and Founder, Handmade Ventures

  • Jason Silver

    Sr. Design and Innovation Catalyst, Intuit

  • Jeanine Becker

    Adjunct Professor, Stanford Law

  • Jeff Wallace

    Practice Lead, Cognizant Mobility

  • Joe Jasin

    Managing Director, DNA Partners

  • Jonathan LeBlanc

    Global Head of Developer Evangelism, PayPal

  • Lisa Oshima

    Business Development, Strategy & Marketing Consultant

  • Marco Flavio Marinucci

    Sr. Interaction Designer, Practice Fusion

  • Mark Silva

    Founder, Kite

  • Michael Ludden

    Developer MK Google Play, Google

  • Michael Oiknine

    Founder & CEO, Apsalar

  • Mike Rowehl

    CTO, Meta Resolver (Acquired by Millennial Media)

  • Niren Hiro

    CEO, SearchMan

  • Peter Baldwin

    GM Americas, Smaato

  • Peter Farago

    Marketing, Flurry

  • Pragati Rai

    Mobile Technologist & Evangelist, PayPal

  • Raj Singh

    CEO, Tempo AI

  • Richard Titus

    Co-Founder & CEO, Promptly

  • Robert Henley

    Director, J. Moore Partners

  • Roger Royse

    Attorney, Royse Law Firm

  • Seamus McAteer

    CEO, Metaresolver (Acquired by Millennial Media)

  • Sid Maestre

    Platform Evangelist, Xero

  • Stephane Delbecque

    Head of Mobile, AXA

  • Turner Kirk

    Field Marketing, Smule